Table Grapes


Lunch Bunch

Green Seedless
Red Seedless
Black Seedless

Organic table grapes from Pasatiempo Farms are juicy, flavorful bunches of natural goodness, grown with the most Eco-friendly practices available.

Specialty Grapes

Our Specialty Grapes are harvested from July to November. These include the smaller round Champagne grape (aka Black Corinth), a favorite for its intense sweetness and lightly tart finish with a hint of melon. This category also includes several color variety blends comprising normal-sized oblong grapes of moderate sweetness, with some slightly tart. 


Green Seedless

Crisp and green, these medium-to-large oblong grapes are crunchy and sweet with a tart freshness. Flavor intensity is mild. Our Green Seedless grapes are harvested from June to November.


Red Seedless

Our Red Seedless grapes are harvested from June to November. They have medium-to-large size oblong grapes that are mildly sweet-to-neutral. You might see a dusty covering on photos of these grapes called "bloom." Bloom is a vital protective film a healthy plant uses to protect delicate grape skins and keep them from cracking.


Black Seedless

Small-to-medium round grapes with a sweet muscat flavor, Black Seedless varieties may have bloom on their skins to prevent cracking. Their color is dark purple-to-black, and they are slightly less crunchy than other table grapes. We harvest our Black Seedless grapes from June to November.